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जलवायु संकट र समधानका प्रयास, साथै ईजिप्टमा सम्मपन्न जलवायु सम्मेलनका उपलब्धिहरु, जलवायु जन्य क्षति र नोक्सानी सम्बोधन गर्न बनाइएको कोष र कार्वन उत्सर्जन घटाउन सबै क्षेत्र वाट गरिनु पर्ने प्रयासहरुका वारेमा @NepalLive1  का लागि @BhagirathYogi संग गरिएको कुराकानी ।

Sep 212022

This article is co-authored with Fahad Saeed and Abhishek Yadav, and was first published on Climate Analytics website on 21 Sept 2022.

In the wake of the massive flooding in Pakistan, Fahad Saeed and Manjeet Dhakal explain how socioeconomic factors intersect with climate impacts in South Asia, compounding their effects on people and the environment. Based on the latest evidence from the IPCC, they break down what risks could emerge in the coming decades if warming is not limited to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C threshold.

In the last six months, South Asia has gone from experiencing unprecedented heatwaves to heavy rains and flooding that has affected millions of people: decimating infrastructure in urban and rural areas, wiping out vast swathes of agriculture, and resulting in human fatalities. Both of these extreme events have been attributed to climate change. Continue reading »

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