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Welcome to my personnel BLOG!

You can follow me at twitter @manjeetdhakal and on Linkedin  Find me at Facebook Facebook page and feel free to write me for feedback and suggestion at dhakal.manjeet[at]gmail.com

I am from Flag of Nepaland I serve as an Advisor to the Chair of the 46 least developed countries group (LDC Group), at the multilateral process on climate change.

| Head of LDC Support Team @CA_Latest | Advisor to the @LDCChairUNFCCC | Adjunct Faculty @SchoolofEnviro1 |

  4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Dear Manjeet Jee. Your articles and remarks on CC and related issues are good, interesting and meaning full to adress the current situations, dialogues and initiations on the issues. The updates from you in the NGO group on CC are truelly worthy and made me interested to know you, finally found your link!!!! Great Job.

    I appreciate what your team and CEN has done and is doing in CCA and related issues.
    Regards to all CEN team,

    Binod Ghimire
    Program Officer, DP-DRR and Humanitarian Programs
    Center for Disaster Management-Nepal

    • glad to hear you’re enjoying your time out there. and i’m happy to help with the cause. i’m allaucty using your gift this very moment. be sure to let your folks know it’s coming either tuesday or thursday this week. i’ll be sure to put in a little extra to invest in your stay. miss you much chica, you know i luv ya. and can’t wait to finally see you out there. ;D~stephaney

  2. Thanks for the share!

  3. Certainly along with you 100%. I might doubt, for starters, however i think it not really well worth mentioning.

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