Dec 182015

Radio interview on Nepal FM Network
0700 hrs 18 December 2015

Live interview by Subash Kathidawada of Nepal FM Network to analysis the outcome of the Paris Climate Change Conference, the Paris Agreement and Nepal context.

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Dec 132015

Radio interview on SBS Australia
13 December 2015

पेरिस सम्झौता – नेपालको लागि राम्रो?
The Paris agreement has been described as a historical achievement by the global community in reducing the impacts of climate change. Manjeet Dhakal was one of the members of the Nepali team involved in negotiations at the conference and he spoke …

(जलवायु परिवर्तन सम्बन्धि राष्ट्रसंघिय सम्मेलनमा सहभागी नेपाली बार्ता टोलिका सदस्य मन्जीत ढकाल उक्त एतिहासिक भनिएको सम्झौता बाट नेपाललाई हुनसक्ने फाइदा बारे बताउंदै। )

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