Mar 292011

Blogging from Bangladesh

With the above mentioned theme, fifth International Conference on Community based adaptation is being held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The first CBA earlier organized in 2005 in Bangladesh with around 50 participants has now become one of the largest gatherings of scientist, experts, policy makers and practitioners of community based adaptation (CBA). More than 350 participation from more than 60 countries from all continents and the presence of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the formal inauguration on 28 March has added value to the conference.

Following the tradition of CBA conference, earlier participants were sent to eight different sites of Bangladesh to sense the real impact and community adaptation responses and practices. Followed by the field visit, the technical session started form 28 March.  According to the organizers, with many other world leaders Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC will be joining the concluding session on 31 March.

As adaptation to climate change has become more and more accepted as a necessary response to the adverse Continue reading »