Oct 082010

Published on Climate Change and Nepal Blog thoughts during the Tianjin (China) Climate Discussion….. manjeet blogging from Tianjin

Culturally in Nepali society parents find the better-half for their adult son and daughter, my family included. This practice may seem unrealistic awkward and, surprising for the people of other society, but it has been working successfully for many years, what’s more  the rate of divorce is lower in our traditional society than that of in other societies. This custom of finding spouse, by parents, who are totally unknown to us until the first night after marriage that usually gifts happy-married life. Let us imagine a girl or a boy whom you have never met or even never imagined before to whom you are supposed to spend your whole life. However, no problem! We tell it a fast start process; here is the story in UNFCCC version.

Parents will look for their son/daughter-in-law, to whom we ever know. However, it works and is in going well until these days; moreover, we say it is “fast start” process. Imagine, a girl or a boy you ever had not met, but you are supposed to bear whole life with him/her.

 Marriage Ceremony

First, they get married, as they have many different thoughts and wide range of expectations; first they share among each other in an open heart without any politics involved and put their number open in the table. There come many things to Mitigate and many to adapt with an effective option of effort sharing. Then they come-up with Shared vision and precisely it is totally the both party driven process. This comes to Fair, Ambitious and binding deal (FAB) deal nearly after a year, which results development of technology. Than the technology needs to financed and parents need to be more concerned on building more capacity. Now again the challenge comes, the Finance to run the whole system, but it is of no problem anymore, as the party has already agreed on crunch issues. Cooperation between both parties will generate fund, because the husband who owns more has saved 1.5 % of his saving on not other than his own bank.

This goes the final deal. But, some time it will be quite difficult, if there goes bilateral of husband or wife outside the process, and it will hurt both and parties members and they are not going to agree on that, always make check and balance of how the system goes.

This is Happy Family, of UNFCCC version!!

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