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blogging from Cacnun, COP16 ! Climate Change and Nepal, Dec 1, 2010

Climate negotiation again has started in a beautiful coastal city of Mexico, Cancun. Oh Cancun! Three year earlier at COP13 in Bali, with its best output -Bali Action Plan (BAP), laid the foundation of climate change negotiation. Than for several times negotiators meet up at Bonn and Bangkok with the mandate to make final agreement at Copenhagen. Everybody knows, B and C could not meet the deadline and to give life to negotiation, it was extended a year to complete its work by end of 2010 at Cancun. Again another C, but not the European but Mexican C.

In the opening of COP16, Lykke Friis, Danish Minister said she was confident that the participants of this edition will go beyond what was done in Copenhagen, and will demonstrate the world that their good intentions did not freeze in the cold streets of the Danish capital. “Let’s hope CANCUN CAN!”

The journey of Cancun was not that easy last year, with many other issues, commitment to second phase of Kyoto, issue of MRV/ICA, numbers in mitigation and divergence with in adaptation and finance are supposed to hinder final deal with divergent view within parties and likely these issues may will be the pathway to drive this [endless] negotiation on another chapter.

What is that? It is also being observed that the expectation at Cancun is very low, Cancun may only be able to provide mandate for nest COP, also could be a base for legally binding deal in for Durban, South Africa. Oh Durban!

The journey begun from B (bali) on the way to C (Copenhagen) will hopefully end at D (Durban).

Can Cancun?

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