Apr 042011

On behalf of Climate Action Network April 4, 2011 Bangkok, Thailand

Video link from UNFCCC Website, Intervention 2 and Intervention 1 (check at last 5 minutes)

Thank you Mr. Facilitator

My name is Manjeet Dhakal from Nepal and I am speaking on behalf of the Climate Action Network. The technology cooperation mechanism has been discussed for a long time and we now have a basic framework for an institutional structure under the UNFCCC. However, the entire initiative is put at risk by the failure to establish a mechanism for evaluating whether or not proposed technologies are “environmentally sound” and are worthy of support. Essential to any technology evaluation is the full and authentic participation of civil society.

The achievements of the Cancun Agreements were the formation of a Technology Mechanism, including the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). We urge the delegates to frame the TEC so that it can decide on every activity that will be carried out under the climate technology cooperation framework, and agree that the CTCN will operate under its supervision. Both bodies must ensure balanced representation. There is no doubt that the vulnerable courtiers, particularly LDCs would benefit from CTCs, so we humbly request parties to prioritize these countries while allocating the locations of centers.

One of the frustrating elements of the Cancun Agreement was that the issue of IPR was thrown into the recycle bin. We urge the parties to put the IPR issue back on the table for constructive discussion.

Parties need to work hard on technology this year to reach a positive conclusion. Along with the work programme discussion scheduled to happen here in Bangkok, the IPR issue also needs space on the agenda.

We urge accountable and transparent reporting of the TEC to the COP and effective means of oversight of the CTCN and also request to work on to establish effective coordination mechanism between TEC and CTC/N as well as with Financial and Adaptation mechanism. This will bring some amount of transparency in the whole process.

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