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Climate Change: The Science, Impact and Solution.

M. Dhakal (2011). Climate Change Impacts on Reservoir based Hydropower Generation in Nepal: A case study of Kulekhani Hydropower Plant (Master thesis, Pokhara University, Nepal). Link

Remembering the days that are forgotten

Time passes by so quickly…change happens all around us everyday weather we like it or not. Enjoy the moment while you can, one day it will just be another memory. 


Climate Change Impacts on Reservoir based Hydropower Generation in Nepal

In the context of growing impacts of climate change on water bodies and hydrologic cycles, study on prospects of reservoir based hydropower in Nepal are highly desirable.


From the negotiator himself: …..and there, I fell asleep!

 I’ve heard the senior negotiators saying that the real negotiations happen at mid night and decisions are taken after many people go to sleep. So my curiosity-saturated self decided to stay overnight during negotiations to observe what actually happens at night.


PPCR: associated concerns and way ahead in Nepal

In Nepal, a joint mission from ADB, IFC, and the World Bank came on November 2010 with the objective to agree on the concept papers for the major components of the SPCR for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). It


A cleaner, greener Nepal

This article was published on MYREPUBLICA (31 July, 2012)


Global Climate Talks and Constitution Making in Nepal: A Comparison

The agreement made in Bali, Indonesia (resulting in the Bali Action Plan) and the provision in the Interim Constitution of Nepal. 


A “UNFCCC version” of marriage

Discussion….. manjeet blogging from Tianjin

Culturally in Nepali society parents find the better-half for their adult son and daughter, my family included. This practice may 


UN Climate talk begin in Tianjin, China

UN Climate talk begin in Tianjin, China Tianjin, China 4 October 2010 The final meeting before the annual Climate conference (COP 16) begin in Tianjin, China from 4 October 2010.